All the fun fun and party party

I would say that I live a pretty healthy life with a lot of exercise and homemade food. But I do need to reveal that I'm living the american life just a bit as well haha ;) So that means my living is not without fast food once in a while, unhealthy sweets, ice-cream and alcohol. We party a lot more than I expected,  but we are having so much fun so even though it is really unhealthy it is totally worth it. I really want to have a good time here, because before I know, I am on my way home again - and I can cut out these unhealthy things when I get back home. That is the same case with sleep. I don't consider my amount of sleep as enough. I sleep way too little compared to back home because there is so much to do both homework and in the spare time. But what the hell I can sleep when I get old - or when i get back home haha. I think I am going to sleep for like 2 weeks in a row  (maybe just waking up for Christmas Eve and then go back to sleep haha). We have a longer weekend than I am use to, most people don't have any classes on Fridays so the weekend already begins Thursday afternoon. That is what gives us the opportunities to catch up on homework, go on trips or just go out in Santa Barbara and experience different things during the day or go out party and have fun at night. Normally we can't get in at any clubs because you need to be 21 but there is one club at State Street (the main street which is only 10 minutes away from us) that allows 18+ every Thursday and me and Karina went there once and we had so much fun at the dance floor haha. We also went to Isla Vista which is a part of Santa Barbara where the university is located and therefore where all the university students lives in their student apartments or houses. So IV is the crazy party place haha with a lot of home parties. There is  a lot of police as well so a few IBS students has already got fines for having an open container with alcohol out in the public - which is illegal, and being underage. It's a crazy expensive fine you get if you get busted for those kind of things. You also need to go to court and to AA meetings - haha it's really extreme yeah. So let me say it this way - not get caught!  

From a fun "girls-party"
When the "goodnight-food" is on point 

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