Vegas #day 2

The second day we had our alarm set so we wouldn't sleep for too long. Btw. we all three girls slept in the same big kingsize bed haha it was really cosy. Karina took one for the team and slept in the middle. But anyway we got up early grabbed breakfast at the hotel (not something to say hurray about but it was okay I guess - waffles and white toasts haha). Then we went out shopping again and I found three really cute dresses! We ate lunch, and went out sightseeing up and down at Las Vegas Strip where everything is happening! I think there is a saying about "if you want to see the whole world just go to vegas" because they have a little bit of everything and a copy of all the big tourist attractions. So the places like Venice, Paris, New York, Egypt, London and probably more places where represented.

I remember some of these attractions from when I was visiting with my family several years ago and I remember how overwhelming and cool everything was because the whole setup is just so extreme. I was kind of afraid that I would be disappointed when visiting again but it really didn't disappoint! It is difficult to compare with the first time experience but I might go so far and say that this time visiting was even better than the first time!

In the afternoon we got the thought about experience a show in vegas - why not right? So we very impulsive bought tickets for the Las Vegas Comedy Show the same night. So we went home and changed and grabbed some quick food (we really ate a loot of crap food/fast food because we never had the time to sit down and use a lot of time on eating haha) before we went to the show. It was located at Planed Hollywood which is a really cool indoor place, with a mix of restaurants, shops and theaters, but the whole setup looked like a small town (inside) where the sealing looks like an outdoor sky. We didn't have any expectations about the show because it was so impulsive but it was actually really fun!

After that we went to a very famous ice-cream place inside of the famous building/hotel Bellagio where I got pancakes and ice-cream with Nutella - It is the best dessert I have ever tasted I think! Wow it was good! I brought the rest of the dessert with me to go, and we went out and saw the Bellagio fountain one last time, before we went home :)

Our hotel

In one of the casinos 
Bellagio hotel and the famous fountain 
In the Planet Hollywood building 

I have heard that it should be the world's biggest chocolate fountain (to the right) which also make the ice-cream place so famous

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